Passport violation codes for Turkey

There are some codes entered into the immigration system when foreigners enter or exit Turkey. Some of them prohibit foreigners from entering Turkey for a certain period or permanently.

What codes can be entered into the system :

V 84 : It is for foreigners who come to Turkey provided that they get a residence permit in 10 days

V69 :It is for foreigners whose residence permit has been canceled

Ç 113 :It is for foreigners who came to Turkey illegally or left Turkey illegally (2 years entry ban is issued)  

V 84 : It is for foreigners who come to Turkey provided that they get a residence permit in 10 days

N 99 :It is for foreigners who must obtain an appropriate ( special) visa (Indefinite entry ban to Turkey)

O 100 :The right of entry depends on ministerial order (5 years entry ban is issued)  

G 78 :It is for foreigners with a contagious disease   (Indefinite entry ban to Turkey)

Ç 114 :It is for foreigners who are in a judicial proceeding (1-year entry ban is issued)

Ç 115 :It is for foreigners who discharged from prison (1-year entry ban is issued)

Ç 116 :It is for foreigners who violate public morals and public rules

Ç 117 :It is for foreigners who work illegally in Turkey (1-year entry ban is issued)

Ç 118 :It is for foreigners whose residence permit has been invalidated (5 years entry ban is issued)  

Ç 119 :It is for foreigners who do not pay the fine for illegal work (5 years entry ban is issued)  

Ç 120 :It is for foreigners who go abroad without paying the visa or residence permit violation fines (5 years entry ban is issued)  

Ç 135 :It is about the administrative fine in accordance with law 5682

Ç 136 :It is about deportation travel costs

Ç 137 :It is about foreigners invited to leave Turkey  

Ç 138 :It is about stubborn travelers    

V 77 :It is for foreigners who applied as Meskhetian Turks but they are not Meskhetian Turks

V 71 :It is for foreigners who cannot be found at the address

Note: The code rules or implementations may be changed due to current laws

Only relevant foreigners may ask for passport police or relevant consulate which codes put in the system in person. Some of the codes negatively affect the right of foreigners to apply for a residence permit or work permit and to enter Turkey.

Note: if there is a justifiable reason, some codes can be deleted from the system by correspondence between the consulate/ passport police and the ministry of interior.

The entire process should be followed by lawyers or consultants who are experts in the field. 

RL Turkey Immigration & Relocation office is going to provide up-to-date information on changes in the immigration laws and regulations.

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