Family Residence Permit

Below foreigners may apply for a family residence permit in Turkey

  • The foreign spouse of Turkish Citizen
  • Foreign children of their spouse( under 18 years old)
  • Foreign minor children of their spouse ( under 18 years old)
  • Dependent foreign children of Turkish Citizens ( under 18 years old)
  • Dependent foreign children of their spouse( under 18 years old)
  • Any family members  (spouse and children under 18 years old) of the foreigners who has a work permit in Turkey

Family residence permit issued for a maximum duration of three years at a time

A family residence permit cannot exceed the duration of the sponsor’s residence permit under any circumstances.

*The Sponsor must have valid health insurance covering all family members

*The sponsor and family members must not have a criminal record

General Procedures

Examination of the preliminary documents

  1. Determination of the application eligibility
  2. Preparation of the necessary documents
  3. Making an appointment at the relevant immigration office
  4. Submitting the application file to the immigration office

Note: All family members ( supporter and applicants) must attend the interview.

Applications are evaluated positively or negatively within 90 days after the appointment

Residence permit card is sent to the applicant’s address informed during the application

The official link of the Immigration office:

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Making a preliminary examination for the residence permit application: If it is possible this process should be done while the applicants are outside of Turkey. 

Note: According to the bilateral agreements between governments, there may be some restrictions on entry procedures into Turkey and some special application documents may be requested from outside Turkey.

RL Turkey Immigration & Relocation office will inform the applicants which visa is accepable/suitable for the residence permit application in Turkey.

Determining the interview date: We compare the immigration office system with the applicant’s schedule to determine the convenient date.

Eligibity checking of the application documents: the required documents list will be shared with the applicants , Our team will provide support at every step of the process.

Making the application at the immigration office: Our team will meet the applicant at the immigration office. ( If applicants give us POA, our lawyer is going to accompany them.)

Government fees will be paid by us and the application file will be prepared.

Follow-up of the application process: Immigration Officers are going to evaluate and conclude the application file in a certain period. We will access the immigration system to check the status of the application.

If needed, our authorized lawyer will submit the additional application documents to the immigration office within determined period.

Obtaining the resinde permit card: The card is sent to the applicant’s registered address, ( As a rule, the applicant or authorized person can get it from the relevant institute.)

RL Turkey Immigration & Relocation office is going to provide up-to-date information on changes in the immigration laws and regulations.

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