Apostille & Legalisation Service

To use some documents internationally, the documents must be approved by the consulate/specified authority of the country of origin in the relevant country or must be certified as Apostilled in the country where they are issued.

Each country determines an authorized place for the preparation of the Apostille approval documents (such as the ministry governorship, or notary public in the relevant countries)

Our office conducts all of the legalisation of the document  and Apostille process in Turkey and many countries with our partners

Apostille is a kind of international approval between the parties that signed the agreement

As of July 2022, 124 states are contracting states of the Apostille Convention:

Albania Denmark  Liechtenstein Russia
 Andorra Dominica Lithuania Saint Kitts and Nevis
Antigua and Barbuda Dominican Republic  Luxembourg Saint Lucia
 Argentina  Ecuador  Malawi Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
 Armenia  El Salvador  Malta  Samoa
Australia Estonia  Marshall Islands  San Marino
Austria Eswatini Mauritius Sao Tome and Principe
Azerbaijan Fiji  Mexico  Saudi Arabia
Bahamas Finland Moldova  Senegal
 Bahrain France  Monaco Serbia
Barbados Georgia Mongolia  Seychelles
Belarus Germany Montenegro  Singapore
 Belgium  Greece Morocco  Slovakia
 Belize Grenada  Namibia Slovenia
 Bolivia  Guatemala Netherlands  South Africa
Bosnia and Herzegovina Guyana New Zealand  South Korea
Botswana  Honduras  Nicaragua  Spain
 Brazil  Hungary  Niue Suriname
Brunei  Iceland North Macedonia  Sweden
 Bulgaria India  Norway   Switzerland
Burundi  Indonesia  Oman Tajikistan
Cape Verde  Ireland Pakistan Tonga
 Chile  Israel  Palau  Trinidad and Tobago
China  Italy  Panama Tunisia
 Colombia  Jamaica Paraguay  Turkey
 Cook Islands  Japan Peru Ukraine
 Costa Rica  Kazakhstan Philippines United Kingdom
Croatia Kosova Poland United States
 Cyprus Kyrgzstan Portugal  Uruguay
 Czech Republic Latvia Romania Uzbekistan
Liberia Lesotho  Venezuela Vanuatu

If the owner’s presence is not required, RL Immigration & Relocation Office contacts the agents in the relevant countries to obtain Apostille Approval.

If some Turkish documents are to be used outside of Turkey, they must be approved as Apostilled by the governorship ,our office gives this service as well.

Below documents must translated into Turkish to be used in Turkey

  • Labor contract,
  • Preparation of any Power Of Attorney document,
  • Preparation of the rental contract,
  • Mobilization agreement,
  • Preparation of the apartment sales agreement,
  • School enrollment forms,
  • Any installment purchase contract,
  • Public services ( connection the electricity, gas, water, internet or telephone)  agreements,
  • Translation of the personal documents  ( marriage, birth certificate, or any family documents)
  • Any Bank transaction,
  • Graduation document / transcript
  • Preparation of any commitment letter or consent letter at the notary public,

RL Immigration & Relocation Office translates all English documents into Turkish and notarizes them.

Some transactions process must be in the presence of a notary public. (Such as giving a Power of Attorney)  thus, notary must call a sworn interpreter.  Sworn interpreter must translate into English what is written on the paper. RL Immigration & Relocation Office  gives sworn interpreter service in the determined notaries.

In addition to the above transactions such as purchasing process or putting an annotation process at the land registry office, requires an expert interpreter certified by the relevant courthouse. The authorized expert interpreter must translate what the officer says into English. 

RL Immigration & Relocation Office gives certified English sworn interpreter service in any land registry office in Istanbul.

Apostille & Legalisation of the documents

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