Renting an apartment in Turkey

Renting procedure: As a new implementation, foreign tenants and landlords have to go together with any notary public to sign the official rental contract. ( The standard rental agreement  signed by the tenant  and landlord without a notary is invalid)

Note: If the tenant or landlord authorizes anyone by giving a power of attorney, the relevant party may not participate in the notary transactions. ( Title deed copies, ID cards, and passports will be submitted to the notary public.)

Before renting an apartment the tenant must confirm that there is no remained debt from the previous tenant or landlord. ( If it is possible, the  tenant should obtain a confirmation document from the real estate company, site manager, or landlord.)

Note: If there is any unpaid debt on electricity , gas, water, etc., the tenant cannot use relevant utilities without being paid.

Tenants must fully read and understand each clause in the rental contract ( The contract should be prepared with English and Turkish version )

The following items should be double-checked:

  • The address of the apartment must be fully written as on any utility bill,
  • The name of the landlord should be checked by comparing it with the Turkish ID card or passport,
  • The tenant should check all furniture and things are written on the contract ,  
  • The lease start date and payment date must be definitely  written in the contract ,
  • There should be no unlawful  matter regarding the evacuation procedure,
  • The rental price may be  increased each year according to the consumer price index average, tenant should check this item in the contract,
  • The terms for breaking the contract will be definitely written in the contract,

Important note: The rentage must be deposited into the account of the landlord written on the contract in the determined period.

RL Immigration and Relocation Office consider what you want to add to the agreement and prepares English and Turkish versions of the rental contract.   Our legal department also checks the existing contracts and reorganises them.

After renting the apartment, the tenant must apply to the service provider to connect the electricity , gas , water, telephone , cable TV, internet and satellite platforms.   ( Some utility agreements are made by site management)

Note:If there is any unpaid debt on the electricity , gas, water, etc. new tenant cannot take on the subscriptions without them being paid.

Electricity , gas, water , telephone connection procedure:

The tenant has to apply to the relevant service provider after signing the rental contract as soon as possible. ( This service is provided by different organizations in each city or province)

The following documents may be requested by the provider company:

  • Notarized rental contract,
  • Earthquake insurance policy, (this policy must be made  by the landlord)
  • Passport ,
  • Residence permit card ,
  • Any utility bill of the apartment ( If there is)

Required documents list may changeable, so the tenant should get wide information from the website of the provider company before reaching there.

Note: The tenant can pay a deposit for each subscription, and can get this money back after  the subscription is canceled.

RL Turkey Immigration & Relocation office is going to provide up-to-date information on changes in immigration laws and regulations.

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