Stateless persons in Turkey

If any person does not hold nationality of any country,  he or she is defined  as a stateless person

Note: In international law, some stateless people are also refugees. However, not all refugees are stateless, and many people who are stateless have never crossed an international border.

What are the causes of statelessness for (UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency)  

  • 1-There is a law in each country about what circumstances anyone acquires nationality or withdraws nationality.  But there may be gaps in the national laws.

For example : The situation of the children who are of unknown parentage in a country where nationality is acquired based on descent from a national. (Some national laws do not grant them citizenship) 

  • 2-Another factor that can make matters complicated is when people move from the countries where they were born. A child born in a foreign country can risk becoming stateless in that country that does not permit nationality based on birth alone and if the country of origin does not allow a parent to pass on nationality through family ties.
  • 3-The other reason is the emergence of new states and changes in borders.  In many cases, specific groups may be left without a nationality as a result and , even where new countries allow nationality for all, ethnic, racial and religious minorities frequently have trouble proving their link to the country.  In countries where nationality is only acquired by descent from a national, statelessness will be passed on to the next generation.
  • 4-In some countries, citizens can lose their nationality simply from having lived outside their country for a long period of time. States can also deprive citizens of their nationality through changes in the law that leave whole populations stateless, using discriminatory criteria like ethnicity or race.

A Stateless Person Identity Document (SID)  is  issued by the General Directorate in Turkey according to the suitability of the applicants’ documents.

A Stateless Person Identity Document ( SID ) shall substitute a residence permit in Turkey  and this document can be renewed by the governorates every two years without subject to any government fee.

Note: Stateless persons in Turkey shall not be deported unless they pose a serious public order or public security threat.

The Stateless Person Identification Document shall no more be valid upon acquisition of the nationality of another country.

They are not subject to the reciprocity requirement sought in procedures concerning foreigners.

They are subject to the provisions of law no: 4817 in activities  and actions regarding work permits.

The duration of stay in Turkey with (SID) shall count towards the total duration of residence.  ( they may apply to obtain any of the residence permits set out in this Law.

The Residence Permit application is evaluated and finalized by the Central Of The Immigration Office.

General Residence Permit Process;

Residence Permit Online Application

Necessary Documents & Application Submission

Evaluation Period Of The Immigration Office ( Maximum 3 months after the application)

Receiving The Residence Permit Card

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