Turkish citizenship by investment for $ 400.000

According to the new implementation of the ministry of interior, the rule of citizenship by investment will be changed as below:

$ 250.000 for property investment amount will be changed to $ 400.000

This implementation has not been declerated by the interior ministry yet (10.05.2022),

Please contact us for up-to-dated information before starting the process.

Advantages of gaining Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Passport will bring visa-fee Access to over 110 countries and territories worldwide

Turkey holds E-2 Visa Treaty with the USA

Pathway to the UK’s Turkish Businessperson visa

Family members ( wife/ husband and children under 18 years old can benefit from this Citizenship Application)

Dual citizenship allowed

Easy to obtain the passport

No residency requirements

The whole process will take between 2-6 months

Citizenship process by the reason of  property purchase in Turkey;

1 – Property Selection: We work with well-known real estate agencies and companies with large construction projects to find properties suitable for investments purpose. 

If the investor finds the property himself/herself. We can double-check whether the property is eligible to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

We have a form that the investor has to fill in about what qualifications the requested property should have. ( Which area should it be in, how many rooms should it have )

2- Lawyer Support: The lawyers we have worked with, support the investor in all steps of the citizenship process.

It will protect all their rights and make them feel safe.  If the investor already has a lawyer in Turkey, we also collaborate with them to complete all processes professionally.

3- Getting a potential tax number: We assist the investor to obtain a tax number the from the local tax office or tax office system.

4- Opening the bank account: A bank account is not mandatory to buy property in Turkey or to apply for Turkish citizenship, but the investors may need the bank account to make their financial transactions such as collecting rent, paying maintenance fees, or subscription fees.

5- Issuing a Notarized Power of Attorney: The investors are required to authorize a lawyer to complete the relevant transactions. ( To sign the purchase agreement, to get title deed on the investor behalf, to complete residence and citizenship application)

Note: The Power Of Attorney can be issued in the presence of a notary public in Turkey or at the relevant Turkish embassies in the country where the investors live.

We will prepare a sample Power of attorney to be signed by the investors, please contact us for more information about Power Of Attorney (POA Process)

6-Signing Purchase Contract: After the confirmation of the investor, the investor or our lawyer signs the purchase agreement on behalf of the investor.

7-Getting the title deed under the investor name: The property owner applies to the land registry office to transfer the property on behalf of the investor. (Our lawyer may represent the investor at the civil registration office to get ownership under the investor’s name. )

Note: According to the implementation on 06.01.2022, Before the sale transaction, the foreign currency amounts must be sold to a bank operating in Turkey, and sold to the Turkish Central Bank by the relevant bank.

8-Getting the real estate valuation report: The valuation report is mandatory for the purchase process and citizenship application. The civil registration officer directs the inspectors to prepare a valuation report before the purchase process. The investors go and check the property regarding the below items.

  • Checking the Licences and permits (ownership status, construction Licence, and zoning permit)
  • The market value of the property
  • Quality of the property

9-Making add an annotation to the title deed record: The investor needs to commit that he/she is not going to sell the property for 3 years to apply for Turkish Citizenship by investment. This process may be completed by the lawyers we work with or by the investors.

10-Obtaining the certificate of conformity: The ministry of environment and urbanization will prepare this certificate after checking below 3 points.

*The property valuation report

*Official sales price on title deed  ( It must be at least $ 250.000)

*Receipts of the transfers

Important note for receipts of the transfers: According to the implementation on 06.01.2022, Before the sale transaction, the foreign currency amounts must be sold to a bank operating in Turkey, and sold to the Turkish Central Bank by the relevant bank.

11- Preparing the application documents:  As a rule, citizenship applications can be made for investors and their spouses or children under the age of 18. After the preliminary documents for citizenship application are examined, the list of necessary documents will be notified by us.

12-Getting the investor residence permit: It is compulsory for citizenship application. Our lawyer will complete the process ( 1 year health insurance will be issued and goverment fees will be paid to tax office)

13-Making the citizenship application : we will apply to the directorate of the civil registry with all necessary documents. 

Note: It is possible for the investors and family members to take Turkish names or new names within certain rules. 

14-Approving process of the citizenship :The citizenship file will be sent to the Ministry of Interior for security investigations. ( Intelligence office and Immigration office search about the applicants) If investors and family members do not have any international criminal records, the application is approved by the ministry.

15-Collecting the passports and ID cards: The Investors and family members are required to provide a fingerprint to obtain ID and Passports. ( Fingerprints can be given at the civil registration office in Turkey or at the relevant Turkish Embassy)  We will direct the investors about whole process.

RL Turkey Immigration & Relocation office is going to provide up-to-date information on changes in the immigration laws and regulations.

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