Turquoise card procedure in Turkey

This card can be given to the following foreigners

The foreigners, considered as highly qualified investor in terms of investment or export level, size of employment to be provided, contribution to scientific and technological development and similar features.

The foreigners considered as a highly qualified workforce in terms of education level, Professional knowledge and experience, contribution to science and technology and similar qualifications,

For the scientists or researchers who contribute to scientific and technological development or conduct study and research in the fields of science, industry, and technology that are considered strategic for the benefit of the country at the international level.

The foreigners who are successful at the international level in the terms of cultural, artistic, or sport activities.

The foreigners who contribute to the intenational recognition or promotion of Turkey of Turkish culture, acting at the international level in matters related to Turkey’s national interests.

Application Process:

Turquoise card application is made directly in the country through the system, and abroad through the Turkish embassy or Turkish foreign representative in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or legally residing.

** The information and documents regarding the application made from abroad are transmitted to the Ministry in electronic environment by the Turkish foreign representation.

** A foreigner legally residing in Turkey can apply directly through the system with his/her foreigner identification number.

** Turquoise card application can also be made by the authorized intermediary institution on behalf of the foreigner in Turkey or abroad.

**The application is completed by uploading the required documents in the system

Note: For the residence permit application to be made for the relatives of the Turquoise card holder, the documents showing the marriage bond for spouse of the foreigner, the custody relationship and the dependents for the child are attached to the application file.

Application Documents:

  • Application petition,
  • Copy of the foreigner’s passport or a document copy that replaces the passport
  • Certificate of conformity document obtained from the relevant public institution. (if any)

Note: The list of documents is not fixed and it can be changed after the application file is examined

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